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To write what comes to mind. That was the result when I looked up some writing exercises to get my juices flowing. I suppose I will narrate you a little update on my wriye progress. Here it goes.

A key for the characters
Writer = Me
Editor = That annoying voice in my head that I wish would become mute.

Editor: So, writer, how's wriye going? I hear you signed up to write 5.5k for the no quarter given challenge.
Writer: Yes, yes I did. I'm slightly insane. It's sunday and I've just basically at 2,500 words overall. However I'm very proud of my work so far.
Editor: Hmm, of course you would be proud of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes
Writer: What's that supposed to mean? And beside, it's not like I'm writing a novel yet, I've just been writing outlines and I've written a few little shorts for my dreamwidth account.
Editor: What is this dreamwidth? Is it a journal where you write about your dreams?
Writer: No, wait - actually, you could write about your dreams.
Editor: Hmm, I might sign up for this just so I can find your account and correct your grammar.
Writer: Who hired you to edit my work? Was it a hit man?
Editor: No one hired me. You made me up.
Writer: Does that mean I could kill you or torture you.
Editor: Yes, but you don't want to.
Writer: The spectators gather round in shock as a herd of monkeys kidnap the editor and lock her away till August.



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