My Wardrobe is a serial killer

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My Wardrobe is is a serial killer
An original piece

My wardrobe is a serial killer, it's killed about ten people. I know so, for I was killed by my wardrobe. In a very odd sort of circumstances, I was killed by my wardrobe as it fell flat down on my face.

That's odd; you say. How are you telling this story? I'll get to that in a minute. You see, this wardrobe was in the spare bedroom and was filled with no clothes. I went in to clean the spare bedroom one day, for my friend was visiting. I turned around and the wardrobe had grew and it knocked me down flat. I knew straight away I was no longer alive. The wardrobe got up and started to prick me with needles.

The wardrobe had transformed me into a dress and hung me in the wardrobe. It did the same to the other nine victims, which were my wive, three kids, two cleaners and my three friends who were staying over for the weekend. They are all clothes in the wardrobe.

I don't exactly when my wardrobe learned to sew, but he's pretty talented if I say so myself. The dress I was turned into is quite nice and I know my daughters would have loved to wear something as delightful.
Watch out, the new clothing designs in the store, could be people.

Kids, here's a lesson: never leave a wardrobe empty, for you may be turned into an item of clothing like me.



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